The Power of Silence

Being stressed out too often can lead to a number of negative physiological effects. Especially when you’re on the road to wealth, you will undoubtedly encounter and deal with recurring stressors - co-workers, clients, employees, and family. Majority of these people in your life, if not everyone, can either help you fulfill your goals or hinder you from doing so. Oftentimes, they’re both. There are also other factors that come into play such as traffic, the weather, the news, and the like. Stress seems to be such a permanent and inevitable part of our day-to-day endeavors considering that they can literally come from everywhere. However, there’s something so simple that can help alleviate that burden and that is silence. 

Practicing silence allows you to breathe and release some stress and anxieties before facing the world head-on. This is the first step you should incorporate into your morning routine. However, for many people, this is the most overlooked and underestimated. What silence does goes beyond the physiological aspect. As your stress levels decrease, you will be able to focus on what’s most important. 

But don’t mistake silence for doing nothing. Practicing this requires effort and a conscious and active decision to do so. Starting the day with silence brought about by activities such as meditation, reflection, gratitude, and deep breathing allows you to take a break from worrying about problems, and to simply be. This is the perfect moment to dig in deep into who you are, and to assess where you are right now. From there, you will be able to acknowledge and appreciate gratitude -- for the people who have helped you get where you are now, for the things that you have, for the life that is given to you.  


Matt KingComment