Having Wealth Vision

Wealth Can’t Wait, Chapter 5

Deciding to be wealthy is the first and most important step to a life of abundance. What comes next is having a wealth vision and treating it as something existing in the present. We’ve come up with PATH, a four-part tip to achieve the second step. 

First is Planning for wealth. It entails that your commitment to it will shape you and the future you choose to pursue. We do things and move in a certain way in order to reach and attain the image we are envisioning in our minds. Our actions are informed by our wants and desires. The ordinary, your routine, they all transform into something extraordinary because every move you make has a direction and purpose. This vision is manifested in the seemingly simple and day-to-day things in your life. 

Second is taking Action steps to move yourself forward. With the plan that you’ve formulated, the action that you take will help you progress, risk and all. Action is the bridge between ideas and reality. Speak your plan into existence and do them! 

Third is working with a Team of talented people and peers. Surrounding yourself with people who have the right talent and mindset for the vision that you have, creates a team that will eventually thrive. This is called leverage. Welcome others in your path to building wealth. You want to be sure you are teaming up with someone who can take action as well as plan. Find someone with an inspirational idea and ask what he or she has created in the past.

The fourth and the last one is Holding yourself accountable. With this, you are able to change yourself and your circumstances for the better. People turn their heads away from the word “accountability” like it’s a dirty word or taboo. But what they fail to recognize is that it’s not about pointing fingers and nitpicking. It’s essentially about owning up to your circumstances and your outcomes and making it yours to change.

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