Having Courage

Wealth Can’t Wait, Chapter 4

The inevitability of failure in the process of commitment is what prevents us from taking a risk. However, what we fail to realize is that there is a greater possibility of success as a trade off for that. Committing to building wealth entails courage to leap through uncertainties and taking the risk. It’s not about what you know and except. It’s about staying true to your commitment and goals despite the adversities and failures. 

Don’t mistake this as simply going blindly into a business deal and signing it without having read it. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t analyze the opportunities in front of you. This is just a reminder that, more often than not, we tend to over analyze and it discourages us from actually pulling through with what we’ve planned. With enough overthinking, you would have come up with more reasons not to do it than to do it. There really are times that the less we know, the better. The issue with knowledge is that there’s a tendency for you to project what the outcome will already be without you getting to even try it. Of course, foresight is important, especially when you’re thinking of long-term plans. But the fear of failure, and of the inevitability of loss and disappointments, is what hinders you from moving forward. 

With commitment comes the willingness to take action, learn from past mistakes, and reevaluate. There’s no sugarcoating it -- failure is inevitable. But it’s better to take a risk now than do nothing and think about the What if’s when it’s too late already. If you commit to building wealth, it will happen.

Matt KingComment