Wealth: The True Meaning

Less About Money, More About Choice

The idea of wealth is attached to the image of bills, cars, branded clothes, high-end accessories, a big house, and every expensive thing you could think of. This is true, but only partially. It’s also considering the knowledge that you have, skills you have and are continuously honing, and the relationships that you’re building with the right people. Wealth is more than the accumulation of big stacks of money. Rather, it’s about the negotiation and interplay of all those factors that eventually turn into what we call wealth.

Money is important. It’s what gave you the education that you have now, the job you’re in, the food on your table, and, basically, everything else. A saying comes to mind, “Money can’t buy everything.” Yes, money cannot buy time, significant relationships, wisdom, and proper health. However, money gives you access to all of these. It gives you the freedom to choose what ought to be done for yourself and others alike. We live in a systematized society that runs on transactions and money and the most effective way of contributing to it and to yourself is exactly through those means as well.

Ultimately, wealth is really less about the amount of money you have, and more about choice. Inevitably, you cannot rule out the power that money has. In this day and age, everything is basically transactional. However, money does provide you an avenue to achieve the things that money cannot directly buy. Wealth is a constant negotiation of all the factors that go into making decisions. Money is merely the fuel to get the engine running.

Matt KingComment