An Issue of Commitment

Wealth Can’t Wait, Chapter 2

Wealth necessitates commitment. It’s constantly choosing to do and be better in order to reach the vision you aspire to achieve. Regardless of and especially with all the hurdles, setbacks, and failures you will inevitably face, the path to building wealth requires a state of mind that is committed to this goal. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor in a week, a year, or even a decade. Once you’ve chosen wealth, you have also chosen to commit to it and embed it into your life. Everything you have gained, lost, and the wisdom you’ve gotten from them will stay with you forever, and that’s really part of the value of wealth. But what exactly does it mean to commit?

Commitment is not just doing and deciding on things that help you progress. It goes beyond the action. Before you do something, you must have the right mindset in doing it, and you must have the strength to be consistent in doing so. This applies to anything, really. There will come a time where you’ll be face to face with the worst case scenario despite having done everything with no errors. Or you could have been down the road for too long but always seem to keep turning in the wrong corners, tripping on your feet, or getting caught in the rain without having an umbrella with you. Failure is inevitable, but it’s just as important as any of your successes. Dealing with them makes you more and more resilient, and with those muscles trained, you are going to get more and more as well. Your goals, choices, and vision get bigger. More becomes possible. 

Having those moments when you’re too shocked with the setback you’ve encountered, or when you’re too fed up with barely having any successes is why commitment is more than just action, but a state of mind. What really matters is your resilience. Once you keep getting back up from every setback, every failure, and every rejection, you are bound to get more of what you want.

Matt KingComment