Building Greater Wealth Naturally

Wealth Can’t Wait, Chapter 6

Perceiving yourself as a corporation significantly benefits your business. This includes measuring and tracking your household income, net income, expenses, and growth. Moreover, this can lead up to creating something that can live and function on its own that creates avenues for jobs and cash flows for you, your family, and your team. Keeping an eye on these numbers will only lead to growth. 

Some questions you can ask yourself include “What is my net income after taxes?”, “How much do I spend on essentials?”, “What are the sources of my household income?” and the like. Asking such purposeful inquiries will set you on a path to building wealth regardless of your answers. The goal isn’t to come up with a higher number, but to incite awareness within you. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start treating yourself like a corporation -- learn how to create a profit-and-loss statement, track your expenses each month, and create a personal financial statement.

These may all seem too time and energy consuming to do constantly. But keep in mind that the benefits of this kind of awareness greatly outweighs the time spent on keeping track of these numbers. It’s never too soon to start your own corporation. View your life and money flows from a corporate perspective, enhanced by people, systems, leverage, measured goals, and results.

Matt KingComment