The Importance of Having a "Ground Game" and an "Air Game"

Wealth Can’t Wait, Chapter 7

Having the skill and strength to accomplish tasks consistently is a skill essential to anyone who wants to be successful in life. However, strength alone is not enough as a catalyst for success. You also need to have the skill of coming up with ideas and strategies that you can execute. 

A balance of both a “ground game” and an “air game” is required to achieve success. Ground game is referred to as the concrete actions and decisions you make. For instance, the ground game for a sales person is making calls, getting appointments, and closing sales. On the other hand, air game includes your plan and strategy which gives your actions more direction and purpose. The presence of both is necessary in order for you to become successful. 

This is where the importance of creating a vision comes in. If you don’t have a plan for your life yet, you can look to others for some help or influence. However, there is much greater significance if you create it yourself. You can choose your own direction, define your own goals, and select a purpose that aligns with your talents and passions. You will naturally attract people to your life who have a purpose, with passions that run along the same lines as yours. So, have a plan and develop a good air game.

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