The Power of Momentum

Cultivating Patterns For the Long Haul

Warm ups are important, and I’m not just talking about sports. Stretching out your legs before going on a run, or even a casual jog, is crucial. Not only is there a possibility that you can go faster, but most importantly, warming up also builds up your stamina meaning you can stay in the track longer. Going straight into a full sprint without any preparation could harm your body. Not just in the actual moment of running, but long term as well.

Using this analogy, the same logic can be applied to discerning life questions and decisions. Building momentum allows you to generate the proper flow you need in order to arrive at your future goals. With that, momentum has something to do with patterns or the repeated cycles of the actions you do -- patterns in how you live your life, how you interact with other people, and how you manage around the various decisions you have to negotiate with. In order to get a head start, you must first cultivate what you have in the beginning. Momentum allows us to develop the cycles that you currently have, reintegrate new ones, and remove the patterns that don’t contribute to your goals, health, and your general well-being. These patterns or cycles are crucial to building momentum for your goals in the future because these are what you will carry with you until the end.

Cultivating these patterns is akin to doing stretches and warm ups for a run or a workout. You’re prepping your muscles to get ready for a strenuous activity. The same goes with any business plan you have been planning on, or basically, any plan you have. Properly building and developing your patterns greatly contribute to how you will act and decide on what the future has prepared for you. Consequently, these patterns shape and mold that future into something closer to what you had planned.

Matt KingComment