The Effects of Positive Words

Positivity in Every Word

Words may only mean what we want it to mean. But that doesn’t take away the fact that there are words, phrases, and whole sentences out there that carry inherent positivity within them. Hearing and receiving positive words such as “You can do it!”, “You’re doing so well”, and “You are worthy!” can encourage just about anyone and give them the boost they need to get through the day. Moreover, applying this kind of thinking and saying these to yourself may even have a more powerful impact. Telling yourself “I can do it!”, “I am doing great!”, and “I am worthy!”

Having a positive outlook on yourself and your circumstance doesn’t mean you can’t hold yourself accountable for the mistakes you’ve made. When you do something that results in an undesirable outcome, the first instinct is to chastise oneself. For instance, when you lose your phone, miss a deadline, or broke an appliance, you might say to yourself “I am so stupid!” or other variations of that. This is dangerous because there is always the tendency to fall down into that spiral of negativity and criticism that aren’t constructive anymore. It’s important to acknowledge the mistake, but always be careful not to take it too far. Think “I’m better than that!”, “I can do better next time!” and other variations. Switching to this kind of perspective creates an avenue for you to be open to the possibility of change for the better.

Don’t belittle the power of a simple word. It’s not every day that you get to hear positive reinforcements for the things you’re doing from other people, and even more so from yourself. Not only is it a change in vocabulary use, but it is also a change in perspective of the people around you as well as yourself.

Matt King