Failure vs. Successes: The Better Motivator

The Only Way To Go is Up

Our experiences shape who we are in terms of how we react to them. These events don’t have meaning to us until we assign meaning to it. Naturally, successes, or experiences where you achieve your expected outcome, will give you the right push to keep pursuing the path you’re taking. Having these experiences serves as proof that you’re doing the right thing properly and that you should continue pursuing it.

But what about those experiences that went south and didn’t exactly pan out the way you want it to? It’s impossible that you wouldn’t encounter any sort of setbacks in your journey to success. The industry you are in might be facing a major downfall, you might be starting to realize that the job you’re currently in isn’t for you, or one of your family members might get diagnosed with a terminal illness. Facing such adversities opens up your mind to so many possible routes the path you’ve taken can go. From there, you will realize that this path, or whichever path, isn’t linear.

In the face of failures, you are holding yourself accountable for the actions you’ve done, the outcome it has led to, and from then on, you are able to take 100% control of yourself. Much of the events and experiences in our lives would only mean so much to us if we let it. In the same vein, failures will remain as failures if you see it only as that.

Matt King