Living a Life of Ease

We’ve heard the question so many times: “what would you do if money weren’t an object?”

Well…what would you do? If money really weren’t an object, because you built wealth. What would you spend your days doing?

Another way to ask this question is, all obstacles aside, what do you truly want from life?

Once you’ve answered this question, you’ll be able to find your path to a life of ease.

When I mention a “life of ease,” I’m looking at an overall bigger picture. Having what you want and being satisfied with the life you’ve built for yourself creates ease.

Let’s talk about what ease looks like in a relationship. Ease is the overall compassion and happiness you have with that person. But that does not mean making the relationship “easy”. Often, it means the opposite: having difficult conversations when your partner upsets you or sacrificing something you wanted to do in the sake of compromise. In the short run, these aren’t the easy things to do. It’s much easier to sweep a problem under the rug. But in the long run, that won’t lead to the same level of closeness and happiness. However, putting the work into these things creates a happy relationship, which in turn creates ease. If the relationship is right for you, and you put the work into it to make it the best you can, it will contribute to your life of ease.

So now we’ve established that ease does not equate to easy. But you still need to be practical.

Choosing a life of ease means choosing the path that is most true to you. What drives you? What makes you happiest? But it is important to also think about the logical and practical aspects of your “true self”. If you love music, but you have terrible pitch, you’re probably never going to be a successful pop star. These aspects are just as important as the emotion and passion driven parts. To find your path of ease, you must find that “magic zone” where your passion meets your ability.

Let’s illustrate that with a friend of a friend, Dan, who is mentioned in my book Wealth Can’t Wait. Dan combined his abilities as a lawyer with his passion for soccer and opened what is now the largest US Soccer representation firm. He found a path that was both exciting, and practical based on his real skill set. While it wasn’t by any means an easy path, it was a path of ease because it was the right path for him.

Perhaps what you want out of life would require a lot of money. It probably isn’t practical to sit and hope you win the lottery so you can fund your dreams. And it certainly won’t be easy to earn that money on your own. But the exciting thing about choosing a life of ease is that by being honest with yourself about your own personalized path, you can cultivate a life where even the “hard” things aren’t hard, because they lie on your path. They’re the things you’re “supposed” to be doing. And this brings ease.

Matt KingComment